Custom 2-stroke cylinder and crankshaft | Design and prototyping

Development and prototyping of cylinders and crankshafts for two-stroke  engines.

• Nikasil coatings
• 3D SLM (metal printing)
• Cavityless casting

We were the first on the market who to launch mass production the cylinders by metal 3D printed technology  (SLM)

More details

Nikasil coating

We have the ability to both apply nikasil coating on new cylinders and restore old ones.

Casting of small batches

We have perfected the prototyping technology and after 3-4 iterations can get a serial sample.

Fitting 3D model on the customer motor

Initially, we design and send you a 3D model, and you do a fitting printed model on your motor.

Make prototypes of crankshafts for two-stroke engines

According to the most specific requirements with neck hardness up to 60 HRC