ZORTOR ELECTRIC FOIL (under request)

ZORTOR ELECTRIC FOIL (under request)

ZORTOR EFOIL has largest battery capacity on the market. The body is made in the form all-carbon-fiber monocoque.


Now you don't open the cover and connect the wires and water pipes, all lines are connected automatically when you install the mast and battery on the deck.


Modular wings allow you to provide the required behavior of the efoil for any rider.

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Modular wings

Big wing: 1100 sm² (170 inch²) Dimensions: 630*260 мм

Small wing: 720 sm² (110 inch²), Dimensions: 630*235 мм

Stabilator: 300 sm² (46 nch²), Dimensions: 400*100 мм

Fuselage: leith 700 мм


For 5 years of pre-production, we have manufactured several dozen propellers in search of the best performance in terms of efficiency and minimal cavitation.

Wireless handle controller

Handle specifications:
-LCD Display 240x320
-Ability to use safety magnet key
-QI wireless charging


Powerful charging allows to charge the battery in 2.5 hours

Technical details

LENGTH 1600 mm
WIDTH 640 mm
HEIGHT 110 mm
WEIGHT 37 kg (inc. battery 18 kg)
MAX LOAD 100 kg
MAST leith 800 мм


TYPE waterproof BLDC motor
TOP SPEED up to 40 km/h (depend of rider weight)


VOLTAGE under 60 V
COOLING SYSTEM water cooled

NOTE: standard warranty — only for personal use.

Electric foil warranty period: 1 year

Battery warranty period: 6 months

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