One battery,

compatible with all our devices

unification and cost reduction

Custom 2-stroke cylinder and crankshaft | Design and prototyping

Development and prototyping of cylinders and crankshafts for two-stroke engines.

• Nikasil coatings
• 3D SLM (metal printing)
• Cavityless casting

We were the first on the market who to launch mass production the cylinders by metal 3D printed technology (SLM)

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Propulsion systems design (Efoil / JetBoard)

A full range of design and manufacture propulsion systems under request. From inquiry to the final product.

• СFD calculation (computational fluid dynamics)
• CNC milling
• 3D SLM (metal printing)
• Anodizing
• Plastic casting
• Сarbon fiber molding

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• Asphalt, gravel, offroad.

• Ultimate traction and passability.

• You just choose a direction.

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ZORTOR ELECTRIC FOIL (under request)

ZORTOR EFOIL has largest battery capacity on the market. The body is made in the form all-carbon-fiber monocoque.


Now you don't open the cover and connect the wires and water pipes, all lines are connected automatically when you install the mast and battery on the deck.


Modular wings allow you to provide the required behavior of the efoil for any rider.

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ZORTOR ELECTRIC SURF (under request)

The hydrodynamic characteristics of the ZORTOR hull, MSWC athletes like more than the competition's monocoque shape.


While our design is radically different from the soap dish.


We a first who:
- provide test in the Arctic Ocean beyond the Arctic Circle
- developed a handle with a TFT display, including main parameters of the board state: GPS speed, rpm, battery level, stopwatch.
- began to use 3D SLM (metal) printing for the propulsion parts manufacturing

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